The enchanted mountans

a surreal flight


Circumstances, temptations and difficulties try to tear us down like a roaring tiger at any minute of the day. The crane wants to live carefree and to prosper, but the threat is ever present and coming closer and closer. There is only one chance to survive: fly off, take off, towards the golden mountain. Three spirits are already flying carefree, in a beautiful blue sky, far away from the messiness of the world. The flight won’t be risk-free, but the tiger will no longer be able to catch them, because they now belong to the golden mountain!

Imarika maison’s idea, is an invitation to bring home the feeling of the transcendent and the freedom of the spirit. Fly to the golden moutain! Fly to the kingdom of beauty, of good, of truth, towards the best things in life. Just as Hokusai represents the mount Fuji, the sacred mountain, that is always visible in any situation, such as at work, leisure moments and even in dangerous sitautions, the golden mountain represents the holy, the God who is close to us and to whom we can turn to in every circumstance of life.