40 years of photography


“I consider elegance as a moral value… it is an interior factor that reflects itself also on the outside, it is a balance that sets strict rules and it has nothing to do with education”. G. Gastel.

Since the 23rd of September 2026 till the 13th of November 2016, the exposition of famous photographer Giovanni Gastel is going to be open to the public at Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia in Milan. There you can admire 40 years of his photography work, in which he managed to capture the world of fashion in its essence and harmony.

Gastel is a photographer who is able to transform fashion photography in art, in poetry. In his photographs you can really grasp the respect he nurtures towards the depictured women, by playing with the light. It almost seems the light is gently caressing the women, which creates a profound astetics.

His intense professional effort and his unmistakable style, which are characterised by an ironic poetic, induced him, together with an immens passion for art, to insert a balanced and elegant composition in his photographs.