The quantitative calculus is ignorant to the definition of luxury, starting with the quantity of money. Whomever lets himself be seduced by luxury is caught up in the desire to drown in a kind of beauty that goes beyond the subjective taste and that has its own universality. Luxury is deattached of mere practicality, but it is nonetheless necessary, as it reminds us that we are not machines. Furthermore, it is not compulsorily an object and it recalls to men their dignity as a person. That which is useful is not enough for us, as we have a need inside of us that wants to overcome massification. This is only possible through beauty, which is bound to the eternal. Whoever manages to recognize what luxury really is, loves beauty and transforms it into a fundamental principle of life experience. In a luxurious object there is a desire to become complete, it is the idea of a form of beauty that is able to reach its own ideal of perfection and surpasses any form of domaination by the practical over the aestetic quality.

Luxury might seem superfluous, but truly it is essential to us so that we may be able to grasp and live the highest form of beauty. An object that reaches a high level of craftmanship and preciousness of materiali s a luxury, but it is also a luxury to have time for a specific vacation, it is a luxury to have a caring and united family.

But why does it attract us so much? What are we looking for in it? What is its purpose? There is none… what is the purpose of flowers? What is the purpose of art? Beauty has no concrete purpose, which is exactly why it illuminates the purpose of life. As Dostoevskij wrote in “The Demons”: “Humanity can live whitout science, it can live wihtout bread, it can not live however without beauty, becuase there would be nothing left to do in the world. This is where the secret lies, this is where history lies.”

Luxurious is everything that is rare. The origin of the word is ‘lux’, so luxury allowes us to see the good, which could be also something like friendship, filìa, or an object that was made well, with order, proportion and measurment and thus beautiful.

Finally, luxury helps us to distance ourselves from an horizontal dimension of life and showes us higher horrizons.