The word ‘elegance’ originates  from “eligere”, so choose right and an elegant person is thus he who is capable of choice.

Elegance is therefore an attribute that shows itself through a determinate choice.Obviously, the choice must be aknowledged by the time and place in which the person taking it is situated.  For example, the concept of elegance is going to be perceived differently by a chief of a tribe and a medieval person or one that lived during the Rinascimento, by a dandy or a contemporary man. Recognising if someone is elegant or not also depends on the fact if the choice was taken appropriately to the circumstance.

Man is a creature that lives in a defined time and place, he cannot runa way from circumstance. Being elegant can have a variety of meanings and ways, so many in fact, that it is impossible to list them all.

I’d like to think that, through a good exterior choice, a person can show his interior order, his love for life, the positivity that a specific circumstance might mean to him, brief: his hopes and dreams.


ph: La barca a Giverny, olio su tela, Monet, 1887 circa.