fashion week 2018 - runways

the style for the next summer


As a buyer, after having seen a great deal of different collections and showrooms, I understood that what we are looking for in fashion is something authentic and gritty. However, there is always the risk that the product, how woderful it might be, could become boring after a while. Hiding backstage at every Fashion week, there are numerous intelligent and brilliant designers who aren’t part of fashion catwalks, but who, thank god, we are so lucky to know and incorporate in Imarika’s world. Nevertheless, out of all designers who presented their spring/summer collection, Antonio Marras, Dolce & Gabbana and Rochas, are the ones that mostly caught my attention.

Watching Marras’ show, it felt like being in a movie, brought back to the 20’s, in an enchanted world populated by peculiar characters. A surreal but joyful climat, with hats embellished by flowers, turbants, embroidered gowns, dancing men and women, who cry and read books. Simply breathtaking! And to finish off, everyone started dancing and in the air, a festive spirit that praised true love. That is what fashion really is about: a big yes to life.

On the other hand, Dolce & Gabbana, impressed me with childish prints, that catapulted me into a fairy tail, where you can even find the Queen of Hearts, to remind us, Fashion is about having fun! These cheecky two, played with prints of vegetables such as green beans, horseradish and more, on soft shapes… and surprisingly, it worked! It turned out pleasent and funny and like two magicians, they managed to transform cabbages on an orange backround into a beautiful princess-like gown.

Finally, Rochas by Alessandro dell’ Acqua, plunged me into a mysterous, oriental world filled with golds and blacks, going through reds, oranges and bright greens. It appeared to be set inside a scenografical teathre or an elegant summer night coloured by light prints, white and black chiffons brightened by silver threads.

There are so many working in the Fashion industry, but the immense differnce beetween who is doing it out of profit and who, on the other hand, is driven by passion and love is palpable. Our work is much more appealing when done for the sake of authenticity, induced by the devotion to faith, to humanity, to art, to the cinema, to the fun of it… all in all: to life!


( Maxi Cattaneo )