You can find so many cute atmospheres around Milan, there are various types of restaurants and bars... but there is one in partcular that is so unique in is own kind, with a very friendly and warm feel to it…that is 'the Spirit de Milan'! 

It is located in a 1921 warehouse, the Livellara Cristalleria, which is a huge space. In summer time there is an outdoor part with a garden which is lovely, in winter time you can hang out in a space of 1600 square metres, not bad at all!  

A vintage taste is in the air, not excessively, the decoration is so particular to make you feel like if you were in a movie set! 

The staff, at the restaurant, is greeting you rigorously in Milan dialect with words such as 'Mariuccia' or 'Ambroes'. The menu is typical of the Milanese tradition, inspired by grandmas recipes, simple, tasty dishes and the prices are very friendly too. You can dine at the tables with the other people too, so you get to know each other, get closer, this way you can all become friends; you can dance and have fun, alone or together! It could happen to a girl to dance to some swing music with a man way older than her, who can move better than a young boy, or to be dancing freely, without even knowing the steps, just being dragged by the live music and beauty of Lindy Hop. 

On Saturdays the Holy Swing Night, is now a tradition ... But it's not just about Swing nights here at the Spirit, there are cabaret and jazz evenings ... have a look at their online calendar and you can choose between so many different events that they organize. Not being too formal is the way to go at the Spirit de Milan, just enjoying the pleasure of being all together and having fun. A place where you can meet people from the old Milan, you can learn dialect, also you can dance swing music, sing and play along. A huge space with a stage, a dance floor, wide open spaces to be together feeling as you are at home. 

This is The Spirt de Milan and how they present themselves to the world, us at IMARIKA we know how wonderful this place is and we do love it! You should definitely give it a go and let us know what you think about it!!


(Maximiliano Cattaneo)