A study of the Harvard Harvest's Making Caring Common program shows how personal success it mostly depends on kindness, even though only 20% of parents consider it a primary educational goal. Harvard's goal, in this study, is to 'raise the importance of kindness and commitment for all of us, as well as to promote concrete strategies in schools and families to develop these type of skills.'  

Is kindness that important? The writer George Saunders in a speech, proposed to the University of Syracuse graduates, kindness as a rule of success for those who start their professional career: 'Who do you remember most affectionately in your life? Those who have been more kind to you, I bet. It would be perhaps an easy way too see things, a concept which is certainly difficult to put into practice, as a goal in your life you would do well to try to be kinder. '  

John Henry Newman states that 'a gentleman is someone who never inflicts pain.' A true gentleman is someone who 'carefully avoids anything that can cause a blow up or a shock inside the spirit of those who he shares his fate with; avoids any clash of opinions or conflicts of feelings, any reservations, suspicion, sadness or resentment: its greatest concern is to make everyone feel comfortable. He rarely puts himself first during conversations and he is never boring. '  

Yes ... kindness is so important in life!    

Ref. from 'The Good Mood Formula' by Carlo De Marchis  

Photo: Alex Webb, MEXICO. Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. 1996