Holy Christmas



'Season greetings', our email boxes are invaded by greetings and one of the latest news is this: 'Seasonal Greetings'. How beautiful! But what dull? In fact, it does not mean anything at all. It is a wish for a no-fly convention, everything is done not to mention Christmas! What do we celebrate? Is it perhaps the 'party of light'? No. Christmas is somehow 'magical', even cinema and commerce follow its wake. Why the exchange of gifts, the numerous dinners with relatives and friends? Yes, a Light has descended into the world and this light is Jesus Christ. It is not a matter of goodness, Christ, the Logos, became flesh and came to dwell among us, and still lives among us in the Tabernacles of our cities. It is light because it illuminates the intellect and the heart, and because His historical presence has left in time a trail of well-being and works of mercy. A Protestant author, Rodney Stark demonstrated this in a clear and concise manner in a beautiful book False testimonies, like unmasking some centuries of anti-Catholic history. Ed Lindau.
A Protestant author, why should he take an interest in this? Because he was a professor of sociology of religion and an honest intellectual, he was sick of the schoolboys taught in schools and universities. In this book there is enough to dispel many black legends. Looking seriously at history we can see this trail of beauty that left the Church in history like a comet. Hospitals, schools, universities, everything stems from a passion for the human, the same passion that Christ has for us, so much so that he pushed him to become flesh to be closer to us. We have an enormous privilege, which unfortunately we are increasingly forgetting, to meet God it is not necessary to go far, it is enough to return to the heart or talk to him in the Tabernacle. Emmanuel, God with us, how wonderful! Tolkien said to his friend C.S. Lewis on their walks after pub beer: in Christianity, the myth has become history! This is the novelty of Christmas, everyone in history has sought the face of God. Finally we can now meet him and know his face! For this gift it is worth giving gifts, staying with the family, rejoicing and celebrating. We are worth all this, we are loved, immensely, by that Child!
So, Merry Christmas!