How do most important designers in the world interpret the contemporary men?

Looking at the Fall / Winter 2018-2019 fashion shows it seems to be able to say that an image of men virility emerges. Prada chooses its successful fabric of the nineties, black nylon, which is a way to go against the current that at the moment it seems be made of prints, bright colors and embroideries.

We like the pastel colors, such as blues, pinks and yellows used at MSGM, a fun, vital, young and tasteful fashion.

It is remarkable the choice of N21 to reinterpret the seventies, doing it with an harmony of light browns, burgundy and Tartan, his outfits are very wearable. We can say that we just love it!

Kiton's style is as always a very chic and unique gentleman.

The apotheosis of vitality it is reached at Dolce & Gabbana with their fun prints, their exuberant colors and velvet jackets with printed lapels. Very nice coats with fur collars, mustardy jackets, embroidered lightweight coats and dressing gowns. We can admire different types of men’s with different interpretations among all designers; going from the rapper to the dandy, passing through the ‘chic’ rock star, which is a perfect look for those of us who want to do attend at La Scala events just being ‘as cool as’!


(Maximiliano Cattaneo)