What’ s kindness?

To be kind it means to smile and doing it using words.

It means to relate to others in a gentle way,  and also in an attentive and respectful way too. Knowing how to listen, even before speaking.

‘Kindness’ is a social phenomenon, out of the goodness and not hypocrisy, it is a way of dealing and relating that comes, first of all, from humility.

The person who is strong and intelligent, never needs to be stubburn towards the others; arrogance seems to be more and more 'fashionable' to now days. In a society that seems to focus only on the well-being of the individual, there seems to be no space for kindness and cordiality.

Altruism and availability are qualities that man would have inside. When Audrey Hepburn spoke of her 'beauty secrets', she said: 'To have attractive lips, say kind words. To have a bright look, look for the good side of people. (...) To have beautiful hair, let a child or girl comb them with their fingers at least once a day. (...) The beauty of a woman can be seen in her eyes, which are the door to the heart, where love resides. And this beauty in a woman grows with the passing of the years '.

We must never regret not having been kind enough throughout our life, because people who we remember most and with more affection are those who treated us with kindness and tenderness.

These concepts are not so far from Christian humanism, that of St. Francis of Assisi, when he speaks of courtesy he defines it: 'one of the properties of God, who gives his sun and rain to the just and the unjust for courtesy; and courtesy is the sister of charity, which extinguishes hatred and preserves love '.

Photo: ITALY. Naples. 1971. Henri Cartier-Bresson: Landscapes

(Marta Marconi)