Written and directed by Gennaro Nunziante, author of all Checco Zalone’s movies, the Vegetale is a comedy dedicated to the Millenials. A generation raised in the middle of a crisis: economic crisis, family crisis ( the main character is a son of two separated parents) cultural crisis in a country that is invaded by foreigners. Certainly this is a 'comedy of misunderstandings': the protagonist expects an internship in marketing but finds himself having to go pick tomatoes, then he seems to have managed to find himself a permanent job but instead they offer him an usual contractual subterfuge. Yet this twenty-four year-old young man is not discouraged, he does what he has to do. He makes friends with his fellow African 'internships', he is very friendly, generous and he takes care of his younger sister ...

The director made his best choice with Fabio Rovazzi as main character, who is a famous singer in Italy, first of all he is a 'normal' boy, who is simple and brilliant. The whole story starts when Rovazzi’s father, who pretends to be an engineer, he is working at a construction site where he is building an incinerator on agricultural land (therefore an illegal construction that he would have built with amnesties and subterfuges) has a car accident and he enters a coma. Guess now who gets called to take charge of the whole situation? Of course his first born Fabio. But Fabio, instead of following his father footsteps, he denounces the abuse and decides to go bankrupt with the company and to liquidate the employees. Even after being disappointed by another adult, he becomes free to follow his own dreams. 

These are the 'millenials' of nowadays: young people who are enterpreneurs, they do love organic stuff, they are open to different types of culture and perhaps they are even more used to make sacrifices compared to the generations before them. In this movie, the young boy finally gives the world out there, a good impression about his generation, showing how the adults are the real scammers instead. 

Rovazzi in the end, gets his own success, not a clamorous one, but a modest and healthy one, because like his mentor Luca Zingaretti tells him, 'life rewards you and sooner or later things will come by ', maybe not always as we wished, but they will come for sure!' 

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)