If you do remember the movie by Frank Capra, one masterpiece of cinema’s history, which tells the story of a boy from a small American town, George Bailey, with the desire to travel and learn about the world, a desire always frustrated by adverse circumstances. Growing up, George Baily, becomes a generous, cheerful man, marries a good girl and has several childrens. Together with his uncle he manages a savings cooperative that gives credit to small entrepreneurs and families. His life is a trail of good deeds: he saves his brother from drowning, a gentleman from getting poisonned. His brother will then become a military pilot and in World War II he will save the lives of hundreds of soldiers by a Japanese kamikaze. The good that he does translates into a wide trail of social well-being. His antagonist is Henry Potter, the richest man in Bedford Falls, an old and greedy man who despises the poor and hates George Baily. A few days before Christmas Baily's partner, in charge of paying eight thousand dollars, for carelessness loses sight of the money that ends up in the hands of terrible Henry Potter, who does not return and exploits the thing to ruin Baily.

George Baily is in despair and is thinking of committing suicide, he wishes that he was never born, sees everything black. And it is at this point that from the High they see his situation and Saint Joseph assigns an angel, Clarence, to save him. The angel shows Baily what Bedford Falls would have been without him. His brother would have died and would not have saved those soldiers, his wife would have remained a spinster, the pharmacist would have died swallowing the poison, and the city would fall into the hands of Henry Potter, becoming a seedy place of gambling, prostitution and alcoholism. All his old friends, whom he goes to visit and who do not recognize him, are either sad or aggressive.

At the end of the trip George understands the lesson, the angel brings him back to reality, to the present, to the day of Christmas where another miracle is happening. The town was very touched by the event and collected eight thousand dollars to try and revover from the situation.

Soon, in Italy, we will have the elections. Politics can and must do a lot, but the forces that can transform society for real are the family and individual people in their small gestures of good and generosity. The good spreads, said St. Thomas Aquinas.

Nicolas Cage in the family man said to Téa Leoni, the girl who has not married to follow the career, 'I saw what we could be alone (they would have been successful, they would have become rich, alone), but I prefer what we could be together '(an angel had made him experience family life with her for a while). Individualism has been touted for a century, but this does not really pay, it does not give joy. Unfortunately greed, how much people are attached to money can be seen in work, every day. Almost nobody does something more, free, generously.

We should try to do good and be generous, even a little, in this way we will be able to change the destiny of many around us and we will certainly receive a reward, in this life and in the other one!

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)