Luther sought the support of German princes, in order to support the immense upheaval he had in his mind. The religion that he created was immediately a creed that favored the few chosen ones, those predestined to salvation, while the others were not so important after all!

Princes and nobles, first Germans and then English, rushed on the land properties of the monasteries and gutted them. At the beginning even the peasants joined, but when they began to ask for their slice of the cake they were crushed in the blood at the invitation of Luther himself.

What did the Protestant mentality cause? What it has caused in the last centuries? From economics, to culture to science (because Darwinism is a form of pseudoscientific Protestantism), an ideology has been developed to the measure of a select few and many poor people who have shaped the Servile State. In reaction to this, Marx developed an economic and social theory to overturn things, the result is a form even worse than a servile state, where however it is always a very small elite to command over a well-submissive people.

On the thrust of the social doctrine of the Church, Gilbert Keith Chesterton who is a British intellectual of the last century, (author of the famous stories of Father Brown), proposed distributivism which is a more original solution as a remedy to the strong social inequalities. To get out of the servile state, do not remove private property but spread it as much as possible!

Italy is driven by small-medium business, even micro-enterprise, yet there are people here and elsewhere who want to threaten our important resource. We have small businesses that succeed in most fields, even in high tech! With 'distributivism', Chesterton wanted to promote small businesses, small commercial shops, which often have more flavor than large companies. The pumpkin ravioli you buy from the artisan who has the shop next door neighbor are much better than those you get from the supermarket, the apple boughtat the fruit shop you trust has a whole different flavor of those 'plastic ones' from the large distribution...

As Tony Stark says to the young Peter Parker: 'try to be a quiet neighborhood Spiderman', that means, try to do your best where you are! Do not think about saving the world, just think in the meantime to save your neighborhood. Chesterton always said in a beautiful book, Orthodoxy, if we loved Pimlico (a district of London) for real, it would soon become a heavenly Jerusalem. If we loved our neighborhood, it would become a unique place in the world!

To love means to give and to make things better, more beautiful, and if family is the primary school of love, then it is the responsibility of families and family businesses to make a neighborhood, a city, and so on more beautiful. We need more people like that, more politics like Spiderman!

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)

photo: The veteran in a new field - Winslow Homer