People would remember the myth of Icarus, Daedalus built his son Icarus and his own wings with feathers and attached them to their bodies with wax to escape from King Minos. Daedalus warned his son not to fly too high, Icarus got caught in the thrill of flying and got too close to the sun. The heat melted the wax, making him fall down into the sea where he died. The father arrived safely in Sicily where he built a temple dedicated to Apollo, in memory of his son.

The fashion industry is a field that makes billions as turnover all around the world, it develops talents, gives work to a type of high quality craftsmanship that most of it is located in Italy.However, you should pay attention to who wants to fly too high, be careful to who wants to make politics, to 'send messages' as often happens and how he Alessandro Michele did in the recent fashion show for Gucci. We dont want to talk about the bad taste of seeing a model walking with a replica of their head in her hand, the message in it is wrong: self-determination, wanting to be what you want, how you want, when you want it. Please, just do your job, please do not confuse society even more than what already is!

Not to mention the horrible taste of the clothes, the emaciated and sad faces of the models, the quality of the fabrics that look like 'chinese stuff'. It is working now and everyone is loving it but will not convince in the long run. I prefer Stefano Gabbana who says he does not want to teach anything to anyone, but wants to dream, to bring a little bit of joy to everyone. It was nice to use drones for the bags and to have the show at Rinascente. It is the ‘Italian way’, made of pasta, of faith and irony. Italy is a cheerful country, not gloomy! A country that loves good food, good wine and healthy laughter! A nice show was Balenciaga’s, easygoing, made up of overlays, fuchsia, exaggerated streetwear. This vision i believe it’s working, it's time for easy things, easy i mean and not pretentious. Alongside the experiments, the elegance, the refinement of precious fabrics and the impeccable garments by Jil Sander, beautiful and timeless and by Rochas, who always uses fancy fabrics, and Jacquemus, feminine and chic which i think he is a real emerging talent!

So much work, so many investments, so many people who stay with their feet on the ground and think about doing well their job well, maybe they do indeed keep the myth of Icarus in mind!

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)

 Jacob Peter Gowy, 'The Fall of Icarus', 1636-38. Museo del Prado, Madrid (Spain)