Jesus, says the psalm, was the 'most beautiful among the sons of man' (Psalm 44, 3) surely it will have been in his days on earth a simple but elegant man, we know that the soldiers have played dice in order to win his clothes, that means they had some value. If you do think about what he suffered from Holy Thursday, when he was insulted and beaten near the high priest Caiaphas and especially on Good Friday: insults, spitting, scourging, the crown of thorns, the terrible way of the cross, those nails penetrated into his living flesh ... yet, what was his fault? Had he hurt someone? Indeed, it was decided still more firmly to kill him just after the resurrection of Lazarus.

Before and after him the trail of hatred of beauty is long. Think of the human sacrifices practiced by various religions, the violence against the innocent, the martyrdom suffered by many saints, the persecution of the Jews, even the Jewish children ... (operated by the Nazis but also in the time of Judas Maccabeus) Muslim extremists fling themselves against innocent people in their attacks and do not even save millennial monuments. Let's think about the traders of human flesh, of prostitution, the rapists, the pedophiles and the devious form of individualism capable of killing children in the womb of mothers. Think of natural landscapes disfigured by horrible buildings or pollution. You see models forced by agencies that force them to lose weight, or beautiful girls, like Zoe Cristofoli, ruined by hundreds of tattoos. We look at the walls of our buildings, smeared with thousands of senseless writings and we also look at our daily little hatred of beauty, in the lack of care in dealing with the closest people or towards ourselves. So, yes, unfortunately you can hate beauty!

What should we do? We can and must bring beauty, smile as much as we can. If we do not start from the  little things, we can’t expect others to change. Our small gestures, especially the secret ones can change the world. You could think that nobody sees them, so what is going to change? Your Father will see it and will reward you!

And here we are, it’s Easter time, which usually is at the same time of the beginning of spring. Jesus overcomes death, wins sin, wins the devil and rises again! In history we have witnessed the end of ages, the Middle Ages, the renaissance ... of ideologies, the Enlightenment, the Risorgimento ideologies, communism, Nazism, fascism ... and this progressive ideology will also end. Even the Church has gone through continuous renewals, changes, purifications. Christ works in history, in our life, and always renews: 'I make all things new' (Rev 21: 5). At the end of time we will see 'a new heaven and a new earth' (Rev 21: 1) where justice will have a permanent place. Some boundaries have been set to the evil ...!

Well let’s wish Happy Easter for now which is something real, a renewal for our lives!

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)

 ph. Vivian Maier