A spectrum is wandering around Europe, and it is not communism ...!

Mum I would like  to be an influencer when I grow up and the answer is why don’t you go to work?

Travel to exotic places, luxury resorts and clothes,they own their bikinis collections or accessories ... the Influencer is now a real job. Of course, often most of them do not have the best cultural preparation, journalism, etc. ... yet (the best) have a good taste and it is really nice to follow them. Here, the point is who we want to follow and why? 

It can be done for entertainment, for research, for curiosity. A few weeks ago, an article by Sole 24 Ore said that companies are looking for influencers even by 20 thousand followers as long as they are targeted and are willing to pay well for their posts. In addition to those who are the most popular there are some emerging influencers twith two/ three hundred that we must admit are quite good, they actually post interesting stuff. We follow architects, designers, everyone that is interesting to us. Instagram is now an established source of research and each of us can be an influencer in some way. You can not see and do everything that is entertaining so Instagram is somehow a way to be present and see what other people are doing, you can admire all the Milan Design week Installations without having to go from one place to another. Man is curious by nature! Of course you have to be careful that it does not become a form of slavery to post everything you do, your family, emotional relationships. For example, it does not seem very good from a moral point of view to post photos of a newborn with outfits in post that see millions of people. I understand the joy of having a baby, but a baby I think should not be an advertising poster.

However, Instagram is stimulating us to look for beautiful, unique, interesting things, it is giving us the fun of searching and sharing what we have encountered or experienced. Used with caution ... it's positive! This is because man is brought to good, to beauty, to truth. Is not it wonderful?


(Maximiliano Cattaneo)