In an arena full of people only the impact, like a muffled shot, of a ball against the strings of a racket is heard. Of the two opponents one in the impact emits strong cries to expel the air, the other is dumb like a robot and seems to fly silently from one side of the field to the other leaving only the trail of his footprints and the dull sound of the soles that crawl in the race on the red earth. The audience is dumbfounded, kidnapped by a sacred moment, follows the ball from one side of the field to the other, follows the effort of the athletes, rejoices for a successful exchange, praises and urges the one now the other player indifferently.

Tennis has almost no preference for people, the public sees the effort or difficulty and lends itself to help, to incite the player in trouble, even if it is not their favorite champion. Tennis is a eulogy of sport, effort, technique, perseverance and elegance. Everything has to be elegant in tennis, the way players are treated, the way kids like lightning run to collect balls at the net or at the bottom of the field, the reaction of the athletes to a hit that has gone wrong or gone and when it's not like that, when someone violates this rule with vulgarity, the magic breaks.

Tennis is not a sport, it is sport, it is the image of the sportiness of life. As in life, there is need of perseverance, balance, patience ... if you are under a set, you know that the situation can also be reversed ... you know that if you are wrong, you can not blame others, you have to take the your responsibilities and move on, there will be another tournament, another challenge. The player must be humble, and the higher he is in the ranking, the more he must be humble because he knows that it is a moment to lose against the number 70 of the world or against a young promise, every game is unique, even if you are the first to world. You have to be humble, in the ranking of life you can slide down very easily. For this reason, tennis athletes, even if they become millionaires in a short time, are balanced, concentrated and very cautious towards worldliness. It is rare to read unpleasant gossip about tennis players, or to know about their love adventures. When a tennis player loses his emotional balance, his career suffers.

It is a sport that can be played at any age, allows you to download tensions, have a laugh, or live two hours of healthy racing with one or more friends and ... the experience of watching live samples ... is priceless! So, Deo gratias for tennis!

(Maxi Cattaneo)