When I was eighteen my father gave me a Rolex Daytona,  it was such a great gift for me, but I hardly ever worn it! Only lately I'm wearing it. I later discovered that my father had a very nice collection of vintage watches. Now that he is not here anymore, even if is his soul is present, I like to wear one day a watch and another day the a different watch from his collection. Their value over time has increased, quite a lot, so I asked myself, what is it about this world of luxury watches?

Nowadays, with smartphones, there is almost no need to wear a watch. Yet there is also an economically very attractive market behind luxury watches. Rolex bill hundreds of millions, followed by Patek Philippe, and then gradually all the others. A very interesting brand is Ademars Piguet that since 1975, between forests and glaciers of the valley of Joux makes real small pieces of art. Yes, because these watches, including Rolex, after many years, continue to mark the hour perfectly. This means a job well done. Here I come to the point. What does wearing a watch like this mean to me? It means remembering to work well, because a work done well lasts over time. The perpetual movement of a Patek, a Rolex, an Ademars is a work of meticulous craftsmanship and engineering with very low tolerances, they are truly masterpieces. So they remind me I should always work well ...

But there is also another thing, even more important. The ticking of the second hand reminds me how long my life may be... there is not much time to love. The time we have, the efforts we put towards our job, in undertaking, in building, in making a beautiful home, having beautiful dresses, but a beautiful family ... is what we should aim for and that is going to make us feel complete, otherwise our efforts would be wasted! Love of God, of ourselves and of our neighbor must be a guide of our choices. Love wants us to create and build beautiful works. So, you should always remember there is not much time to love, do not waist it!

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)