Fear is a passion and passions are forces that endure each other. How many decisions in our lives get postponed just for fear? How many personal or business projects would not get started out of fear? 

A US researcher has spent several months with terminally ill patients and has found that many of them complained they had not risked enough ... because of fear.

Fear is something that blocks you, immobilizes you. It is not the same to prudence that actually is a virtue. Prudence makes us choose the right way, makes us act wisely. Fear, on the other hand, makes you irresolute and fragile.

Fear usually comes along when you have an important choice to make such as marriage, an investment, moving home, a trip. Every choice involves risks, how can we overcome this passion that blocks us? 

The best option is to think well, to ask advise by wise people and pray. Take time to reflect and once you decide, persevere with your own way. Providence, rewards resolute people, persevering people and even those who risk wisely. 

We should not be blocked by those who tell us 'we can not make it', that is impossible, etc. ... if things were that way, we would not have progressed in science, in economy, in family. There comes a certain point where you have to throw yourself, take a risk. Otherwise you might be stuck and life keeps going on and we might have not done anything important in life. You should risk in yor like,with wisdom, invest, have a family and kids. Do not be afraid. 'You have not received a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear but a spirit of adopted children through whom we cry out: Abba, Father!' 

Remember, God is your father! 

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)