Have you ever dreamed to go rafting in a frozen river, navigating through icebergs, or riding through the lava covered with soft moss? All this activities can be done on a trip to Iceland!

Once landed in Reykiavik, after visiting the city, we leave for an adventure in the ring road, the road that goes on a circular tour around the island. It is a holiday full of nature, locals are not many around but there are so many sheeps!!

What is striking about Iceland are the immense green valleys, numerous waterfalls, Spa water are almost everywhere in the Island, the active lava flows and those that have now become stone sculptures. You could see hundreds of extinct volcanoes and some of them may be still active, you can fly over the largest glacier in Europe and see the vapor coming out of the geysers...

Iceland is a perfect place for trekking lovers and even for people who love riding. You can sleep mainly on local farms and almost every farm has its own horses. There is a particular breed of horses, a little smaller and more stocky than ours, they are easy and fun to ride. Nature is truly untouched and offers unique emotions, so unique as the thrill of seeing whales in the Gulf of Akureyri.

It is a land of contrasts, ice and fire, black volcanoes and green meadows. The roofs of some traditional villages are covered with green grass that it almost seems to be in a Hobbit house!

Get ready for the rain, not big thunderstorms, but just some lights rain that goes on five to ten minutes a day! You see the four seasons change on a two-week trip to Iceland! There is no night life in Iceland ... nature is what will give you an amazing peace feeling. 

Have a good trip! 

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)