Hokusai Hiroshige e Utamaro



Depicted are scenes of ordinary life in the places of the tea ceremony, for example farmers picking up rice or a paddle boat trying to defeat a clawlike wave… and everything in the shadow of the sacred mountain, the Fuji, as if to say that, whatever happens, there will always be a a fix point, an anchor on wich to rely on. Silent waterfalls, bridges, snow-covered landscapes… these japanese artists chose to represent their world with delicacy and poetry, uncovering its hidden beauty. For every colour, a new alto-rilievo had to be made on boards made out of cherry-tree wood. Thus, creating a piece of art with this tecnique, was a lot of work that required pacience and precision.

This exhibition should stimulate the viewer to see the trascendence of the ordinary world, even ours, and shows us how every job well done, becomes timesless. YOu can find the exhibition at Palazzo reale undìtil the 28th of january 2017.