Imarika is about to turn forty! In these years we have always renewed, but this year in particular we have tried to take a big step forward. The variety of fashion in Milan is quite wide, perhaps even too much ... but this is actually an incentive for us to do better and give more. There are two ways to compete, you can compete with the 'strength' of the brands or you can compete on price. We believe that there is a third way which is a good selection/research and the quality-price ratio. This season we had to say goodbye to some brands and we did reject some brands, even important ones. Very often brands quality is not up to standards with their high prices. It might work for foreigners, but not for Milan public who has a strong culture about fashion and is very demanding.

We looked for new, fresher brands, and we made a selection of garments suitable for every day but also for events or ceremonies. Our brand is growing, next season we will launch a bigger collection with a different name and it will take its commercial path reaching the world market.

Fashion is not a top priority need, but the West part of the world it is a 'demanding' place, there is a need to dress in a contemporary and avant-garde way. Moreover, the way in which we present ourselves speaks of our trust, of our hope, of our desire to 'move forward', grow ... Staying still is not a strategy, those who stay still will go backwards. You can often see very rich people who do not invest in beauty, clinging to money and basically 'steady'.

On the other hand, there are still patrons who invest in art, fashion, culture. Massimo Valsecchi has done a work of revaluation at Palazzo Butera in Palermo which is striking, something that lives you 'open-mouthed'. Some wealthy people have invested in culture by creating publishing houses, others acting as business angels, others like Dolce & Gabbana who have invested in beauty at La Scala... It is worth investing in beauty, especially for us Italians that we can be proud of having inherited the most beautiful country in the world.

We really hope that our present and future customers can invest in beauty for themselves and for others, because only by enlarging our horizon, all together, we can make our person, our home, our city and our country the most beautiful and attractive.