We all know what happened few days ago at a party Chiara Ferragni has trown for her husband, the rapper Fedez, in Citylife's Carrefour supermarket. Volleyball matches with panettone, lettuce tossed, people covered with food running inside carts between departments, people smoking inside the shop. Such a waste! We have seen the outrageous reactions on the web and in the newspapers, the poisonous comments on instagram 'as you allow yourself ... be ashamed ...'. Yet I have two things to say, the first is 'who is without sin should throw the first stone' and the second: these guys are the product of our 'culture', the culture of nothingness. Fedez comes from Rozzano, a poor neighborhood, should know the value of food, while Chiara Ferragni has studied at Bocconi, it is supposed a highend culture, right? Well it's not like that ...

Training in high schools and universities is purely devoted to utilitarianism, to the creation of men and women who make money, even doctors must 'make money' and often actually do not care to make prostheses unnecessary in having more. Chiara and Fedez got to the top, they had 'everything' in a relatively short period of time. For them a head of lettuce is nothing, you can play volleyball. But would we be different? 

In the Middle Ages before giving specialized or technical training, the person was getting trained in humanities, philosophy, theology, literature. You usually would study until you are twenty-nine, in a time when the average life was forty, forty-five years! In the Middle Ages it was formed through the school method, that is, we asked ourselves questions about God and man, we went deep ... today we are only going 'deeply' into an abyss of no culture and poverty. We will also be rich, but we are poor. In the Old Testament it is said that Wisdom is a more precious good than gold and it is also said that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

It all starts with the fear of the Lord, because life is short and he will need to be accountable. Oh, if this kind of people would understand that they are affected with plague  of greed. Goods and money, will not came in the grave with us, while wisdom is eternal.