'Everything is love, joy and peace for you!' I was joking around when i told her while we were returning from a trip to Medjugorje that everything looked like a fairy tale to her! Cheryl Esteban has lived every circumstance in love, joy and peace. I had known her for more than ten years and i can totally testify her wonderful approach to life.

Cheryl was born on the 1st September 1978, she was originally from Philippines and came to work at Imarika about seven years ago. In these time her personality stood out for her cheerfulness, serenity and affability. She was very determined, she worked perseveringly, winning our affection and those of our numerous clients. Although we argued sometimes, she did not retain any anger in her heart and she would immediately get over it and was always ready to reconcile. 

Everyone who knew her has a memory of her engrossing laugh, of her unshakable faith and her attention to work, Cheryl was always ready to smile. 

She was an employee of mine but all above she was a friend and I will be missing her, spending time with her, coffees, lunches and dinners together... I will miss everything. There could be times of economic crisis, storms but you would not feel sad and hopeless around Cheryl, she always brought hope! 

She lived her last three years at the mercy of a malignant brain tumor. It has been a very hard time for her, yet she has never stopped smiling, her desire to live, to enjoy every moment. She always would came to catch up with us, even to bring us coffee. She has been fighting for the past these three years for herself and for her beautiful daughter and yet the Lord wanted her with him, unfortunately we did enjoy her presence only for a while. 

I know that she lives and that she is present now more than she has ever been ... and I am very grateful, she has left me a great message of love and joy, whatever the circumstances are. 

Thanks Cheryl, we will see you in Heaven!