In the letter to the Romans chap. 5, 5 St. Paul, a very concrete man, writes: 'In fact, when we were still weak, in the established time Christ died for the wicked. Now, hardly anyone is willing to die for a just man; maybe someone would dare to die for a good person. God shows his love for us everyday with Christ dying for us '.

Of course, who would really be willing to give his life for that of another man? Even if a family member ... And yet history has left a trail of saints, men and women, who, after the example and with the strength of Christ, have really given their lives to save another. We think of St. Maximilian Kolbe, who offered himself to Auschwitz to save a family man condemned to death, or to Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, who refused the treatment that would have saved her from a tumor but killed the child she carried in her womb. Then there are saints who gave their lives in another way, through a daily sacrifice.

Our time is particularly materialistic, in the West we have abandoned God in favor of the god of money. Can money be consider god? Can it be the end of life? Of course It can not be. Money is only an instrument and can not be an end in itself. 

Yet we are bombarded every day in newspapers and on television by economic issues, the political debates are about ninety percent of the money and those who have a business must defend themselves from all those who want to spill money, including the state. After all, are we perhaps richer? Actually no. This is because the primary factor of the economy is man and man is not made of money, man is the bearer of eternal values ​​and is made to love. 

If we want the economy to grow, each of us must paradoxically tend to the breadth of the heart, to leave room for gratuitousness ... as far as possible, of course. But not only that, we must invest in everything that is good for man, like culture, art, music, poetry, beauty in general. Italy is an eternal country because we have received works of art made in an era when we thought more of eternity, in which the perspective of man was turned to Heaven, it was vertical while today it is horizontal. As for animals, for example, only they do not have a moral dimension, their actions are dictated by their nature, while man is moral, and for this he has the right to choose.

(Maximiliano Cattaneo)