A friend of mine who works in a bank told me nowadays people are terrified by a patrimonial or other dramatic things. The Spread fault!!

Of course, the Spread has consequences on loan rates, but the Spread has always been there, it was not born four years ago.

The climate. In the Middle Ages there were about three warm centuries, so hot that the largest glacier in Europe, the one in Iceland, was not there. This was told to me in Iceland, three years ago, a researcher from the University of Madrid, who came to Akureyri for his studies on the glacier.

The climate can change even for long periods, it can be much colder or much hotter ... what can we do? Certainly man has the task of preserving and respecting nature, producing less pollution. Who loves to defend nature is welcome! But you should pay pay attention about two factors: firstly is that we should not listen too much to alarmist sirens, because it is difficult to demonstrate how much of these climate changes are due to man; secondly, we must not fall into the Malthusian trap that says 'we are too many and the resources of the planet are few' or 'we are too many and we are ruining the planet'. In reality the command of the Creator is 'grow and multiply' did not say 'grow a little, but not too much and those more eliminate them' .... To prove this we can say that yes the population has grown but also the agricultural and farming techniques have improved incredibly. And they have grown so much that we could feed the entire world population without problem, it would be enough to want it. We have 5% of the world population that owns half the wealth and how do they use it? 

Another fear: Trump. Trump's arrival was hailed as the advent of the Apocalypse. There would be dramatic consequences, wars, crises ... of everything! Whatever thoughts we may have on Trump, the fact remains that the US economy has never been so strong, unemployment is below 4% (the physiological minimum), has reached an impossible agreement, that with North Korea, etc… . All things that do not seem bad at all! Maybe we had an unemployment rate like that!

We are way too informed, hyper-connected and full of fear! My suggestion is: who can look at the mobile phone or TV or newspapers and pray more, those who do not pray that spend more time reading or feeding on beautiful things, a beautiful exhibition (which elevates the spirit), a nice walk in mountain, a nice dinner. We use our all-Italian creativity to improve our work and our city and then we are calm!

Let us not allow ourselves to be feared because they immobilize and do not make reasonable decisions. Fear acting on emotion leads to hasty actions, leads to anxiety, to restlessness and, finally, to sadness. Prudence is other, it is a virtue guided by reflection. 

So, cold blood, serenity and reflection! 

Maximiliano Cattaneo