Do we remember 'Matrix'? A world where all were living in the 'net', in a virtual reality? Or maybe someone has recently had the chance to see the movie 'Ghost in the shell' with Scarlett Johansson?

I want to stop for a moment talking about this film, which is set in the near future, the character played by Scarlett Johanson is the last stage in a journey of 'strengthening': the grafting of a human brain into a robot body. We are in a world where almost every man is 'empowered' in some way and the connection with the 'net' takes place directly from the brain. You can buy an artificial liver, x-ray eyes, store and reproduce, as files extracted from a computer, facts of your personal life or business data.

Well is it just science? Not exactly. The 'transhumanism' or 'posthumanism' has supporters, perhaps some of them are very influential, they believe that technology will lead humanity to a stage of perfection even to immortality, to beign able to transfer human consciousness, after death, in a silicon support, which also is an hypothesis formulated in the film 'Trascendence' with Johnny Deep. Transhumanists dream of 'virtual network' as a new human habitat and there are already companies that offer employees the grafting of a chip that contains all their data, including credit card.

We are perhaps at the last stage of a journey that began with French Revolution, faith in man, in reason and in science alone. But it is always the old story of being able to create a paradise on earth, with the illusion of eluding the end, or the true beginning, inevitable for each of us. Technology in the service of man is welcome, but we do not like the idea that associate technological progress with the progress of humanity. As the film 'Ghost in the shell' shows, the progress of man does not necessarily correspond to the progress of science. Max Horkheimer, a philosopher of Frankfurt school, used to say in the 1930s that: 'the ever greater rationality of means has translated into the ever greater irrationality of ends'. That is: we have drugs but are used for irrational purposes, such as the 'will to power' perpetrated through wars. Transhumanism seems to be then, the last step towards a society without tradition, without a country of origin, the last step towards that Society of Nations so desired by the Freemasons. This will be the liquid company of the 'network'. Beautiful perspective! Therefore, we will no longer have a country, more a family (because in the posthuman children are produced in the laboratory), more human relationships (replaced by virtual ones), we will no longer have a religion (because 'we will be like God', infinite in the network) . The mass is not yet ready for this new 'religion', but the technological elites are preparing the ground ... 

(Maxi Cattaneo)