'The names of things - says St. Thomas Aquinas - must correspond to their properties' (S.th. III, q37, a.2), and Aristotle had previously ruled in Metaphysics that: 'the concept meant by the name is the same definition ”. The name is meaning, it means something. Giving a name means identifying a reality, expressing its substance.

Kalia in ancient Greek means 'home, nest' and we have chosen it to name for our collection. With our new brand we would like to express the synthesis of our creative experience and what it is for us the purpose of a dress. A dress can expresses a lot of what we are, our personalities and it can even help improve our mood. Kalia wants to be like a protective nest for women and a place to rise, to meet the world with determination! It is very easy to get absorbed by everyday life, with our busy lifes, you need to take a break for the spirit, a break for the family, for friends, for our relationship with God. Being in the world, because the world can make us became slaves to it.

This season Kalia has a strong reference to the Greek world, in particular to archaeological finds discovered in Santorini since the third millennium BC and in particular in the city of Akrotiri, submerged by a layer of ash and pumice of over thirty meters in the eruption of 1627 a.c.

An ancient civilization that loved art - the houses, still intact, were finely decorated - the journeys - on a wall of a house a great, it was found a funny fresco painting with monkeys, which apparently is not a species from Santorini -. Greece is one of the cradles of our Western civilization, it was the place where philosophy, mathematics, the study of the stars were born. Pythagoras claimed that the stars in their movement produced beautiful music, a music that men cannot hear. It was a time when one looked at the beauty of the world with astonishment. Kalia is an invitation to look at one's life, at every single day, with awe and gratitude, perhaps even sometimes raising one's gaze to Heaven in search of light and comfort. Who knows ... maybe we'll be able to hear more beautiful music than our smartphone!