My visions of fashion and communication in Milan

by Sherry Chen


At an era where fashion has been more democratised than ever, trend has become the synonym of fashion to most people, sometimes I also couldn’t help following the trends and going after the highly exposed items. But the classicness amongst Milanese ladies, despite some might argue it is too old fashion, really reminds me of the notion of “made in Italy”, which is essentially about the creativity and passion that each piece presents. Instead of the label, the dedication that puts into each garments defines its true price tag.  

Me as a foreigner who could not speak the language, for sure did experience some difficulties sometimes, but surprisingly much less than I had expected. If anything that this trip reminds me of is that why I fell in love with fashion in the first place, because it allows people to communicate in such a deep level, that overcomes many barriers, like language barriers, and sometimes even cultural barriers. Fashion for me and for many people is a means to self-expression. You are not what you wear but what you wear presents who you are. People are the animals of visual presentation. What communicates even before the languages is the physical appearances. I always believe language is the most efficient but unfortunately also relatively superficial way to communicate. People can be ambiguous with words, but personal style and taste is often more straight-forward.

In Milan, I witnessed the enthusiasm that Italians have for others, and it truely amazed me and made me understand the source of their passion and creativity. Even with strangers, Italians don’t limit the conversation to just small talks. People are daring to express their opinions, even though it might be regarded aggressive for some, but personally I truely appreciate how Italians seldom shy away from expressing themselves. And that is one of the reasons why, for me, Milan is the city of inspiration. Its beauty lies within the strong clash of old traditions and new order. Because very often that is where the innovation and passion combined and that gives birth to something beautiful.